Made in Italy, highest quality, best priced vapor cleaners!
Made in Italy, highest quality, best priced vapor cleaners!
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Health Care


Hospital room.

Vaporlux continues to innovate in vapor cleaning methods for the medical field. Handrails, doorknobs, curtains, dividing curtains in a double room can be sanitized while up, saving time and money and freeing up precious space.

Having tested this in a number of clinic and hospital environments, the results show Vaporlux can improve cleaning time, eliminate dangerous chemicals and bleaches, and deliver sanitized environments. Vaporlux technology can be used on any surface, the vapor dries within minutes, eliminates mold, bacteria and is hypoallergenic. And no other cleaning system can clean more surfaces.

  • Chemical-free hospital cleaning solution
  • Servicing the healthcare industry for decades
  • Eliminate bacteria from difficult to clean equipment such as wheel chairs, IV stands and beds, privacy drapes
  • Clean with simple tap water
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Reduce chemical expenses by up to 80%
  • Keep equipment and surfaces looking new
  • Extend facility use time
  • Eliminate wax buildup and scuff marks
  • Flush out dirt and debris from porous surfaces. ie., corners and baseboards
  • Restore tile, grout, marble and stone to original colors
  • Kill mold and mildew at their roots
  • Sanitize any carpeted, upholstered or wood surface

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