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Auto Detailing Shops and Car Washes can increase profits and grow their business with Vaporlux. Cars are now manufactured with materials that break down with chemical cleaners, so vapor cleaners are the safest way to go. Now get cars sparkling clean in half the time with half the water. This investment recoups costs quickly.

Auto detail shops and car washes around the country have thoroughly tested the VaporLux Steam Vapor Cleaners. By cleaning cars in less time while using less water and chemicals, they have seen their profits dramatically increase.

* Door panels * Floor moldings * Dashboards * Rims *Seats * Wheels
* Remove Gum * Odors * Tar * Upholstery stains

AUTO DETAILING REVIEW   Five gold stars representing great review.

"We currently have eight Vaporlux machines and are committed to purchasing two more. We use VaporLux exclusively for interior car detailing and we love these machines. Customers love the way we make the interiors sparkle without saturating them with moisture. VaporLux has enabled us to offer a 30 minute in-and-out Express Service money back guaranty which we've never had to refund to a single customer!"

Shale Levine, General Manager - Harv’s Metro Wash, Sacramento CA


FASTER: Clip a cloth on the brush and wipe, dirt is driven into the cloth.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Surfaces, including fabrics, dry in minutes.

CLEAN EVERY DETAIL: Clean details that use to require a toothbrush! External components like intricate wheels are a snap to clean. Clean engine details without damaging electronics.

ELIMINATE ODORS: Not a chemical masking agent, VaporLux eliminates odors, even a vehicle with heavy smoke odor.

NO CHEMICALS REQUIRED: Chemical detergents and agents are never necessary, which customers appreciate. It’s HYPOALLERGENIC!