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Expresso machine.

VaporLux technology is eco-friendly, economical, food-safe and efficient.

Europeans have long known the many benefits of vapor steam cleaning and that’s why we rely on our manufacturer in Italy to deliver our superior machines. End use of outdated chemicals, endless scrubbing and saturation of food environment with caustic chemicals. Most importantly, there is no cross-contamination and this is the main reason this superior technology is used in the best kitchens and hotels.

  • Reduce chemical expenses by up to 80%.
  • Keep equipment and surfaces looking new.
  • Reach smallest and hard to reach areas
  • Extend equipment life
  • Food contact safe -- no cross-contamination between detergents, chemicals and food 
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 Let us show you how VaporLux® equipment can not only save you time and money, but how it can actually add value to your business, no matter what industry you are in. Read what our clients have to say:

SUPERMARKET CLEANING REVIEW   Five gold stars representing great review.

"I am extremely delighted, the VaporLux® Cleaning System has far exceeded our expectations. There appears to be no end to the applications -- from our dairy department, deli, meat and produce areas, all the way up to our front end check out areas. The VaporLux® continues to amaze and impress us all."

Foodarama Supermarkets

RESTAURANT CLEANING REVIEW   Five gold stars representing great review. 

"I can think of only one drawback to owning the VaporLux 4000® - it has brought out my selfish side. I still have not told our Executive Chef about it, because I know he would borrow it so often for the kitchen that we would never get to use it in Housekeeping. When he does find out what a gem of a cleaning machine I have, I will give him your card and instruct him to get his own."

The Townsend Hotel

FOOD PROCESSING REVIEW   Five gold stars representing great review. 

"The VaporLux® does a great job on cleaning grout, getting the egg and grease off the sides of our refrigerator and also on cleaning the rubber door gaskets. It cleans in corner areas that cannot be reached with a rag. The best thing is that the VaporLux® does not use any chemicals. That means no odors and no hazards. It's a great machine and VaporLux® stands behind their equipment with quick service and knowledgeable people."

Marriott Residence Inn - Parsippany, NJ