Jack Mallow, owner, demonstrates how safe vapor is.

We at Vaporlux believe you don’t just buy our machines, you buy the company, and we see our success as indicator that our customers come back for that very reason. We’re the longest-established vapor cleaning machine enterprise, and we don’t do anything else.

See for yourself how the deep-cleaning, rapid drying, hypoallergenic VaporLux system can solve your cleaning dilemmas and where durability and efficiency make VaporLux the vapor cleaning favorite.

It was in the waters off Costa Rica that VaporLux founder Jack Mallow first heard of the eco-friendly technology that would shape the next 25 years of his life. The notion of making a versatile vapor cleaning machine that could sanitize commercial and residential surfaces consumed Mallow as his vision of a hypo-allergenic cleaner quickly expanded from restaurant applications to hotels and clinics to home use.

Since 1989 when Jack Mallow brought the first vapor machines to the US, VaporLux has engineered the European models to give the most robust and long lasting performance in the vapor technology field. Many other companies since then have followed suit, but they do not have the VaporLux engineering. The manufacturing quality is exceptional and unparalleled.

We focused on durable, powerful vapor steam machines that would not end up in a landfill after a short time. The powerful 5000Pro and the Triple Play are 304 stainless steel and, like all of our machines, perfected over decades of testing and design for optimum ease of use and durability. And being service-oriented, we have 100% parts, 100% of the time, and have trained technicians to perform warranty repairs at our Roseville, MI facility.

Today, the machine that was born on a fishing trip provides business and homeowners with a chemical- and allergen-free vapor tool to sanitize virtually every surface, from carpet and rugs to grout and tile.

The technology has its avid fans because it works! Works to clean, restore surfaces and sanitize. Our superior technology is natural, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, and we have thousands of happy customers, primarily in the hotel, restaurant, hospitality and medical industries.