Bed Bugs


Bed bug sniffing dog hard at work.

This topic deserves its own page, as an increasingly mobile society has made bed bugs an issue even in the finest hotels and country clubs. Most methods of eliminating bed bugs involve chemicals of one sort or another. DDT and other pesticides have become useless against them, as they seem to have grown resistant to a number of pesticides.

One of the safest methods of removing these awful critters is vapor steam cleaners. VaporLux, operating at 260 degrees Farhenheit, penetrates the larvae and kills the pests, especially useful in hard-to-reach spots.

VaporLux has been manufacturing heavy duty commercial UL listed vapor cleaning systems for over 25 years. There is now a smaller home and office unit with all the power and capabilities of its big brothers.

For further reading, please visit these sites, and meet Roscoe, the bedbug sniffing dog at Bell Laboratories: