H2O super-heated vapor cleans & sanitizes any surface.
H2O super-heated vapor cleans & sanitizes any surface.
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For over 25 years, VaporLux® has been a leader in developing vapor cleaning technology. And our prices can't be beat!

The powerful eco-friendly sanitizing and cleaning might of vapor is here. Say goodbye to chemical cleansing agents. Sanitizes 99.9%. All models are manufactured in Italy, to our strict specifications.

At VaporLux Inc we are not just selling Steam-Vapor machines. We are a vapor cleaning solutions company, always innovating.

Please visit our Rentals section, and experience first-hand the power of Vaporlux. Listings are conveniently shown state by state.

VaporLux® was founded in 1989 to provide vapor cleaning equipment for the North American commercial market. Seeing there were no dry steam vapor systems suitable for the US market, we developed the technology which brings you here. Our line is made of 304 stainless steel and has been perfected over decades of testing and design for optimum ease of use and durability. And being service-oriented, we have 100% parts, 100% of the time, and have trained technicians to perform warranty repairs at our Roseville, MI facility. 

How It Works

We are committed to the future of vapor technology cleaning!

We’ve improved and re-engineered our commercial line ever since, continuing to innovate in the field of vapor technology. VaporLux® is able to provide full product liability insurance for our products. Our customers can have confidence that our products are as safe as possible, so their investment is protected.

Because of our superior engineering and product development, our machines are in use throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, New Zealand and Australia.